What did our permanent exhibitors say about Foteg Istanbul?

Bekir Çakıcı / HKF Trade Fairs General Manager

“Foteg İstanbul, which has been characterized as the main address of innovative food Technologies, proved to be an international trade fair with both exhibitors and visitors. The importance and therefore responsibility of this fair will rise because the growth of the industry based on the smart facilities and processes which have been creating added value and manufacturing smart products.”


Tomris Bayal / HKF Trade Fairs, Exhibition Manager

“Smart systems and Technologies for the sustainable qualified food production bring a new breath to the food market. We have been working hard for to gather industrialists with the companies which producers which have a great potential of manufacturing high qualified innovating products.I am sure that our region, where the difficulty is dominant these days, is in need of science and technology more than ever, and that this year our fair will fulfill its mission by opening new horizons in the market as always.”


Emre Güreş / Abant Group

“Abant Grup, which sets forth to do business with pleasure as a well know brand, shoots for sustainability of improvement, satisfaction of employees, productivity in production and constantly developed its expertise and product range in consideration of science and technology to learn better each day, to improve further and to increase the number of satisfied customers. Continuous improvement and learning in Abant Group takes place in corporate culture as indispensable value. According to our corporate value, FOTEG ISTANBUL has always been effective and the right platform for us. It was satisfactory to establish business contacts with local and international companies, to increase our international connections and to gain new customers and markets. On the other hand, it has always provided a prestigious environment to showcase our latest product concept.”

İsmail Mümin / APV Hemisan

"The need to provide safe and high quality food around the world and the effort is getting more and more important every day. In this information light, we design products to minimize the time required for the most appropriate process design and the return of invest. Generally, FOTEG ISTANBUL, which we have joined with our innovative products, has always been a very suitable platform for us to display our new product concept and has gained new markets. We also continued to participate in FOTEG ISTANBUL, which gives the opportunity to consolidate our current network to help expand the market by contributing to the development of the industry. Marketing is the key fact of sales and has been becoming more and more important in this century and we will continue to participate in this international trade fair as long as it continues to maintain its specialized feature as an unique marketing platform. "

Serdar Gez / GEA Türkiye

“The main reason for participating FOTEG ISTANBUL is to gain customers an new markets. Fairs are a great business hub to reach to new customers and to display our new products to our current customer portfolio. FOTEG ISTANBUL. The fair fulfills its function as a trade fair that has been able to maintain its importance in food industry for years. As the market leader, we are one of the most important companies in the food sector and we want to display all innovations to Turkish industry.”

Necil Pamukçu / Gemak Gıda Endüstri Makineleri

“In this century, promotion and marketing are almost as important as producing. As a trade fair FOTEG ISTANBUL excellently satisfies us with this marketing function. We meet with the sector and enhance our network. We also gain new customers. In this case, our company which has been continuing its activities in four branches, about half a century, with our project, production, installation, sales and service divisions for the food sector has been reaching its latest products to the costumers from Iran, Syria, Jordan, Yemen, Egypt, Algeria, Greece, Nigeria, Bulgaria, Romaine, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan and France, Northern Cyprus.”

İsmet Çalışkan / Kromel AŞ

“As being one of the oldest exhibitor of FOTEG İSTANBUL, which is Turkey’s first and oldest trade fair directly focusing on food technologies on the international area, we have always met with our stakeholders in the same place with our latest technologies in every edition. In the first year of the fair, we had strengthened our current network and we had seen its importance about to be the most prestigious platform for displaying our innovative products created with a great effort by our R&D department. In every edition we had many local and international business connections and aware of industrial developments, gain new customers as well as new markets. FOTEG ISTANBUL, the hub of innovative food processing technologies, became to be the most effective and the highest trade volume fair in the market with the global exhibitors coming from CIS countries, Eastern Europe and MENA Region within years.”

Zara Karaoğlu / Mayasan AŞ

“Mayasan is a global bio- technology company and has a R & D center equipped with the most advanced equipment in the world, an auditorium where product presentations and information presentations are held by specialists, a pilot facility where product performances are tested and laboratories with latest technology under its roof. As a pioneer in food processing market with our quality products, reliability and educated staff, we prefer to display our new products in FOTEG İSTANBUL for years and we have been strengthening our existing network. We are aware of industrial developments and competitors. We also participate in FOTEG ISTANBUL to be a contributor to the development of the industry, by creating a direct promotion platform for professional visitors and helping to expand the market. Today, with 45 years of experience, marketing has the main priority of the sector we export our products to nearly 70 countries by this excellent networking event.”

Mehmet Ali Akbulut / Milkomak

This year, we will meet once again with our sector stakeholders for the 13th time the FOTEG ISTANBUL, which has been our buddy in the sector since the first edition. The first reason that brings us together at FOTEG is the Fair Manager Mr. Tomris Bayal, who has made a great contribution of approaching the problems and demands of the industry on good day and bad. "Food" is the most irreplaceable component for all of us. One of the most important criteria for being a developed community is to follow and use the right production technologies in every area. FOTEG ISTANBUL Fair has contributed for many years by creating the most convenient platform for this mission on behalf of Turkish Food Sector. As Milkomak, we are presenting the sector with our most accurate, most accessible, most useful technologies through the well-known Italian company that we have been representing. We are going to share our latest technologies and will contribute to opening your horizon during FOTEG ISTANBUL 2017 Fair.

Ebru Ertamay / Tamay Endüstriyel Ürünler

We know that FOTEG ISTANBUL is an important and effective platform for food producers in terms of the commercial promotion and marketing network. In every edition, we experience that HKF Trade Fairs will not compromise on this great mission. Of course, we choose this fair to be aware of industrial developments, increase the brand awareness and make new collaborations.


Turan Erkan / Terkan Isı Sanayi

“FOTEG ISTANBUL , which we participated in to increase our know-how and to transfer our experience in refrigeration technologies to provide customer-focused projects, advanced technology products, solutions in accordance with the physiology of food for safe food production in global standards, is important for us with its specialized feature as an food processing industry trade fair.”


Haluk Kara / PRO-TEK Analitik ve Endüstriyel Sistemler

“On behalf of my company, I would like to list you the reasons why we have been continuing to participate FOTEG ISTANBUL since the first edition. We are determined to maintain our global distributor position in Turkey and the Middle East as a supplier to the leading industrial and heavy industry companies of Turkey and the Middle East countries and want to be the most preferred company in the market with the quality of our products and know- how. We had presented our latest products and technologies to the food sector many times and came together with our existing customers, established a visual environment with our equipment and created new business opportunities by FOTEG ISTANBUL . We will continue to participate in FOTEG ISTANBUL, which we had gotten the opportunity to make new business connections every edition, to increase customer diversity in the sector and to create new sub-dealerships and sales channel by promoting our company to all local and international food industry leaders.”

Cihangir Göğem / Yiber

"FOTEG ISTANBUL is a perfect business hub and gathers food processing industry with food production representatives in every edition. This key fact effects on our decision of our participation. The fair gives the opportunity to display our innovative products and we also wanted to part from growth and the development of market. With FOTEG ISTANBUL, we had found the opportunity to consolidate our existing connections with its high potential of the professional buyers. Besides, we have also increased our international connections by providing them with direct promotion opportunities. While we are aware of industrial developments, we have seen what our competitors are doing by this fair."

When and where?
24 - 26 APR 2025
Istanbul Expo Center (IFM) Hall 5-6
Visiting hours: 09:30 - 18:00